3 Amazing Ways Transport Businesses can save Fuel Costs

Posted by admin - July 23, 2018

Since the time GPS trackers have become popular, companies with a large fleet of vehicles like limousine, cabs, trucks and even bikes use GPS to track the location of their drivers and vehicles. It is also used as a safety measure for the times when your vehicle gets stolen or the driver is in danger or hurt. With a GPS tracker – the problem of determining the location is almost eliminated.

Why is GPS useful?

GPS is a boon for the transport companies. With a multitude of benefits, it has brought along efficient ways to improve efficiency and save cost. For the transport or rental companies, one of the biggest benefits of GPS is that it not just enables vehicle tracking but also saves a lot of money on fuel. Mileage and fuel tracking are an incredible part of GPS Tracking Devices like Fleetlink in India, which tracks in real time. Based on the driver’s habits analysis, the fuel use can be regulated and money can be saved.

Incredible ways vehicle companies can save fuel costs:

Decrease Idling Time:

Excessive idling can consume almost 20% of the fuel costs of a vehicle. The idle time of the vehicle happens mostly when it is stuck in traffic. Idling can also damage the exhaust systems, spark plugs and engine cylinders. If the vehicle is idle for more than one minute, the engine should be completely shut off. No matter if you own a car, truck or bike rental company – the rules are same for everyone.

Acceleration and Harsh Braking:

Both acceleration and breaks can cause the engine to put in more effort to maintain the changing load. Especially in bikes that are related to deliveries and sales – acceleration and harsh brakes is a real problem. Hence, driving habits should be maintained in order to balance the optimum speed for less consumption of fuel.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Fuel efficient vehicles are the ones that go under regular maintenance. Mileage and fuel trackers are a part of the GPS trackers like Fleetlink that helps to regulate the vehicle by providing maintenance alerts. Especially, the truck owners should pay attention to these alerts to keep their vehicles in good shape and save the company’s fuel expenses.