3 Interesting Ways GPS Tracking System help Implement Road Safety

Posted by admin - June 18, 2018

Almost 1.25 million people die every year on the road, making road traffic deaths one of the top reasons of death around the globe. This staggering data from World Health Organisation shouldn’t be taken lightly as anyone can be involved in a road accident.

To make it somewhat easier for drivers, Google has patented its new anti-pothole technology. It will allow vehicles to automatically detect potholes and uneven surfaces as you drive over them. The impact sensors in your vehicle will analyse the amount of vibration caused by the surface, and it would be sent to a central cloud database. It will further add the precise location details to the GPS data from a car tracking device, which will later be used to provide routes to avoid uneven surfaces

GPS technology is mainly developed to cater to the safety and convenience of the drivers. Nowadays, it has become almost mandatory to install a Vehicle Tracking Device in your car in India. It is effective in not just offering safety but also allows you to keep track of your car. The fleet management industry is striving to offer maximum security to its employers on the go. Amongst several tracking devices available in the market, Fleetlink offers maximum efficiency and reliability.

Below written are some important ways GPS tracking device can improve your business operations as well as make the roads safe to use:

Driving Analysis:

It offers fleet owners an insight into the drivers’ conduct while on the road. It let them analyse driving styles and provide with feedback to the ones that need improvement. This helps to set a standard process!

Encourage Social Driving:

Fleet tracking with GPS Device in Delhi is used to form a safe culture of driving around organisations. With this technology, it is possible to implement safe drive zones with a set limit for speed, near schools, hospitals and crowded areas.

Fatigue Management:

Tiredness is one of the main factors of road accidents. Hence, fleet tracking system like Fleetlink can identify the length of time that drivers have been out on a single trip and advise them to take rest. This is safer for both drivers and pedestrians.