5 Important features of a Real Time GPS Tracking Device

Posted by admin - April 23, 2018

No matter if you have a small or large fleet – a Real Time Vehicle Tracker can be your best investment. From simple vehicle tracking devices to top specification systems, there is a wide range of options available in the market. But, how do you pick the best Real Time GPS Device with essential elements to suit your needs? Below written are some crucial features that will help you select the right product to fit your requirement and budget.

Location API: In just a click, the location API feature will let you share your current vehicle location with family members, friends and customers for an hour, a day or till when you want. The Real Time Vehicle Tracker can be easily disabled when you want.

Diagnostic: The Real Time GPS Device keeps track of your car’s vital parameters before it breaks down. Apart from this, the battery status warning indicates if the voltage level sinks. The high coolant temperature shows when the coolant gets overheated. The engine diagnostics warning focuses on any engine related component malfunction.

Real Time Tracking: Most GPS tracking devices are equipped with Real Time Vehicle Tracker monitoring. The location of the vehicles is tracked in real-time as it starts to move. From towing, speeding, idling to stopping, driving and engine on/off – everything can be easily tracked from any Smartphone, computer or tablet.

Immobilizer: To stop theft, engine immobilizer helps to prevent the engine from starting without owner’s permission. Your vehicle’s power connectivity is equipped with simple start-and-stop to offer you peace of mind.

Interactive Reports: The key to elevating fleet efficiency is with detailed reports. With a Real Time GPS Device, it can be summarized, filtered and sorted by a driver, vehicle, month, week and day. The reports are easy-to-read, can be downloaded in PDF and Excel and are printer-friendly.

Now, if you’re wondering which Real Time Vehicle Tracker comes with the assortment of features mentioned above, then you should install Fleetlink in your vehicles. It provides connectivity to your fleet with maximum vehicle security. With a Real Time GPS Device, you can easily boost productivity while keeping track of your assets from anywhere at any time.