Why you must have a GPS connected to you vehicle?

Posted by admin - February 28, 2018

Whether owning a single private conveyance or a fleet of vehicles, tracking has proven itself to be very impressive. A vehicle tracker provides the owner the facility to have a check on the vehicle's location anytime. It allows to gain a complete active control over the vehicle in terms of speed, distance travelled and other important factors.

Tracking a vehicle includes the placement of a GPS in the respective vehicle. It then collect all the needed information that the owners wishes to monitor. With its connectivity to owner's laptop and mobile, such information can be easily acquired at any given point of time, actively or subsequently.

Real Time Location: The most prudent feature that a GPS offers is tracking the vehicle's exact location. This data mapping is timely and accurate as it gets refreshed within seconds. It allows to know the distance travelled, the time for which the vehicle stayed at a particular place and the route taken.

Engine Start/Stop Notification: A GPS tracker sends the owners an alert on his mobile as the engine of the vehicle starts. It also sends a notification of engine's shut down. By such immediate details, one can easily monitor activities of the driver (or any other person).

Idle Stage: A vehicle, not in motion, but with engine on, leads to fuel wastage. This frivolous stage of the vehicle can also be known via GPS and controlled as desired.

Vehicle Theft Issues: As GPS allows the tracking of the vehicle, it also entails feature safety with it. Alerts are sent in case of any abnormility or unauthorized movement of the vehicle.

Speed Monitoring: With GPS tracking facility, concealing the vehicle's speed is pointless as it allows the owner to keep an eye on its speed. Therefore, this curtails rash driving and ensures that the driver is maintaining the speed as per the prescribed limit.

Fuel Theft: When the details about route, speed and idle stage of the vehicle are no longer obscurred, a check can be made on the fuel consumption. This prevents the fraudulent activities of fuel filching, thereby, reducing the cost.

Improper use of Air Conditioner: Futile use of Air Conditioners is very commonly prevelant among the drivers. This leads to fuel wastage and adds to fuel costs. With the help of vehicle tracking system, the owners could supervise the use of air conditioners, thus, effectively minimising the cost.