Secure & Effective
Fleet Management
Engine immobilizer is an anti-theft system built to prevent the engine from starting without owner's knowledge.
With simple tap start/stop your vehicle power connectivity.
Vehicle Lock
live Map
Realtime Tracking
See vehicle activity in real-time, as it happens: Engine on/off, driving, go, stop, idling, speeding, towing, and more from any computer, smart phone or tablet.
Vehicle over-speeding
Vehicle at ideal state
Parked vehicle state
Active Replay
All fleet activity is stored securely in the cloud, giving you the power to look back; days, weeks, months, even years in the past from any computer, smart phone or iPad to see where your vehicles were and what they were doing.
Vehicle stopage duration
De-tour activity
Unschedule travel activity
Travel at different timestamp.
Active Replay
Interactive Reports
Reports provide greater detail and are the key to maximizing fleet efficiency. They can be sorted, filtered and summarized by day, week, month, vehicle and driver. Reports load instantly, are easy to read, can be downloaded to Excel and PDF format, and are printer-friendly.
Vehicle Stats
History Reports - Idle, overspeed, stoppage
Trip Report
Remotely keep track of your car's vital parameters before breakdown occurs.

Battery status warning indicates if the Voltage level is starting to go down. High Coolant temperature indicates if the Coolant is overheating. Engine Diagnostics warning indicates if there is any Engine related component malfunction.
Active Replay
Location API
With just one click, share your up-to-the-minute vehicle location with your customers, friends or family members for an hour, for a day, or even forever and also disable whenever you want during that period.
Developer API

Alert Notifications

GPS tracking speed alert
Speed Alerts
Be notified the moment a vehicle exceeds a set speed limit.
GPS tracking geofence
Geofence Alerts
Use a geofence to know when an asset enters, exits or comes within proximity of an area.
GPS tracking maintenance
Maintenance Alerts
Never forget an oil change or tire rotation again. Set based on miles or hours.
GPS tracking idle alerts
Idle Alerts
Cut down on wasted fuel by being notified when a vehicle idles for too long.
GPS tracking ignition alerts
Ignition Alerts
Know the moment your assets are turned on and off.
DL2C3355, is moving at high speed. Please check it.
DL2C3355, is moving outside of geo-fence area. Please check it.
DL2C3355, Oil change is due on 30th June.
DL2C3355, is in idle state for more than 30min. Please check it.
Vehicle DL2C3355, movement alert. Ignition is turned ON.
GPS tracking mobile alerts